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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Led Desk Lamp Offers Best Features With Day Light Brightness

If you are looking for the best table lamps just try out the new Led desk lamp designs that are very much flexible in different directions and come with smart control touch sensors offering light equivalent to day light and consuming low power cutting down your energy bills. In fact led lights are quickly replacing the traditional light systems like fluorescent tubes, CFL and incandescent lights as the Led lights offer more multiple hours of functionality compared to them and also emit lot heat making them the best option as environment friendly products both for commercial or residential usage.

desk lamps

Desk lamps

As you check out the LED desk lamps you can find the product coming up with features like anti-glare design with 27LEDs fitted with a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours with 530 lumens offering brightness close to daylight and also not getting hot for how many hours it is continuously being used making it the best options to study under the desk lamps. The G-clamp option also the lamp to be mounted on the top or side and the lamp can be rotated 360 degrees for you to fix the best angle for reading a book or doing any work under the light. You can also further control the brightness and contrast of the lamp with just sensory touches which has been tested for more than 10,000 times before launching in the market. There are also different control modes on the Led desk lamp like brightness control, reading, studying, relax, sleep etc for adjusting the light brightness and also the on and off button along with a timer to off in 60 minutes making it the best choice for anyone.
table lamps
There are in fact many models available in these table lamps that you can check out from the online stores offered in black and white colors for you to choose that comes in affordable price of around $119.95. Along with the table lamps there are also some new products like ultrasonic pest repeller and also rat repellent that works based on the solar power Led transmitting ultrasonic vibrations disturbing the acute hearing of rats and make them feel endangered deceiving their senses to repel from the surroundings. The ultrasonic rat repellent is totally powered on solar energy transmitting ultrasonic waves every 30 seconds to keep the pests away from your vicinity. They are very much safe to use with no poison or chemicals and can be installed in your gardens or lawns to put a check to rats with this vibration technology.
You can buy all these products online from reliable stores offering good discount as well as warranty for you to enjoy the benefits of the LED technology.